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Top quality kittens are our priority, in order to ensure that their health and lineage is clean we have our kings and queens genetically tested. Our king and queen come from fantastic, Champion European bloodlines and it is evident, just take a look!




Imported from Russia, Archie is our giant blue tabby with stunning green eyes. He has the sweetest personality and is the biggest lover you will meet. In his spare time he likes to be no more then 6 inches from his people and is game for any activity as long as he can be in the center of it....including showers. He is a clown and enjoys racing around the house at top speeds in a race against himself. But at the end of the day he enjoys curling up on the couch with his best bud (our son) for story time. Archie truly is the whole package.

Color Code: MCO a 09 23

20201230214802_IMG_6201 (1).jpg



Vanna came to us all the way from Rome, and talk about a beauty queen! Vanna has natural black boots, long fluffy tail and piercing green eyes! She is a social butterfly and is always right in the middle of everything. She is so sweet and personable she has made the perfect addition to our family! 



Stoli has been such a great addition to our home and program. She has a super sweet personality and always quick to join into any game. She came to us from Russia and we are so glad she is here.

Coming Soon
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